Desert Weaving

As part of our exploration into Indigenous Culture last term, some of the Grade 5/6 students in Lisa’s class were able to produce their very own craft creatures using traditional weaving techniques from the ‘ Tjanpi’ region in the Northern Territory.

A desert-woven lizard!

Traditionally, grass is collected and manipulated to create the shapes of limbs, torsos and heads of animals and figures, before being bound and stitched with wool, string and raffia. Quite often emu feathers are mixed with crushed grass and added to the finished product.

Some of 5/6I’s handiwork!

Whilst emu feathers weren’t quite part of the make-up of 5/6I’s woven creations, the finished products are nonetheless impressive. Those keen to see the creations up close can still find them sitting on the ledge outside Lisa’s room – so come check them out while you can.


New Classroom Equipment

Late last term, Grade 5/6 students received new equipment for their classroom in the form of games, puzzles, and other construction-based packs.

A sample of the new equipment!

They’ve been a big hit during recess and lunchtimes spent inside due to wet-days, with many weird and wonderful creations adorning the shelves and ledges of Grade 5/6 rooms.