Book Week with the Preps

Book Week with the Preps was lots of fun last week! We helped them read their favourite books and even made them bookmarks with their favourite book/ book characters on them! Grade 5s were great role models and made lots of new friends.


Health and Human Development in Grade 5

Health and Human Development Curriculum

Continuing on from last year specifically trained teachers within Bell Primary School will be implementing a series of Health and Human Development lessons that focus on physical, social and emotional changes.

The content of the lessons is recommended by the Department of Education, and is focused on Respectful Relationships and Sexuality Education.

These specific lessons will support students to work towards achieving the required health standards of the new Victorian Curriculum. Other components of the curriculum will be covered during Physical Education lessons and within the students’ regular classes.

The lessons will deliver age-appropriate content using a fact-based approach. A variety of materials will be used to deliver the content in a sensitive manner, including:
•Audio and visual media

Bell Primary School respects your family’s role in teaching Health and Human Development Education and hope that these lessons support and facilitate further conversations.

Please check your child’s year level blog regularly for information as to what is covered in each session.

The students will be learning:
•Understanding and managing physical and emotional development, and puberty
•The human life cycle, reproduction and conception
•Understanding body safety
•Asking for help and seeking reliable information

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the relevant staff members below:

Prep – 2 contact: Gab Goss
3/4 contact: Sarah Fry
5/6 contact: Dimi Efthymiou
School Coordinator: Sarah Fry

The students will be learning:
•How their bodies are growing, learning and changing
•Identifying body parts
•Understanding body safety
•Asking for help when needed

The students will be learning:
•Personal identity and diversity in the community
•Identifying body parts
•Understanding body safety
•Asking for help when needed

The students will be learning:
•Identifying body parts and feelings
•Understanding body safety
•Asking for help when needed

The students will be learning:
•Identifying body parts and feelings, and feeling comfortable to ask questions
•Reproductive systems and their functions
•Understanding body safety

The students will be learning:
•Understanding physical development and puberty
•The human life cycle and conception
•Understanding body safety

Congratulations Bell Debating Team!

This week the Bell Primary debating team competed in the regional tournament at St. Raphael’s Primary in Preston. The students did the school proud, showing wonderful teamwork and making passionate, articulate arguments (that have been well honed in the classroom!).

The three Bell PS teams won four debates in total, with ‘team 3’ (Rosie, Jo and Otis) winning two out of three debates and finishing fourth in the competition. An outstanding effort for by the team (the youngest in Bell history with five grade 5 reps!).

Thank you to the parents who came along to support the team on the day, or who put up with their children at home as they worked on their debates!


Athletics and angles

With a little help from our knowledge of angles, grade 5G improved our shot put distances. We tested various angles and found that an arm angle from 40-50 degrees was optimal for a good distance. After coaching each other about angle of release, most students improved their distance by up to 1m.

You Can’t Take Me!!!

5A and 5M loved the drama activity named ‘You Can’t take Me’ this morning!

The students were grouped into 5 and then given a room. Each student then had to think of an item or object they would find in that room and role play why they should not be taken out of it!

They were so creative and fun with their ideas such as…

‘You can’t take me! I’m the floor because otherwise it’ll be so muddy ‘

‘You can’t take me! I’m a spoon and you would struggle to eat the most simplest food… like cereal, imagine that!

‘You can’t take me! I’m the monkey bars in the playground! Where would your younger siblings play and have fun at play time!?

‘You can’t take me! I’m the SPECIAL kitchen sink and if I’m gone not only can you do your dishes but YOU will destroy the space time continuum ripping apart the very fabric of the universe …!

Respectful Relationships – Solving Social/Emotional Problems

The Grade 5 students came together today to talk about problems we may face in our daily lives and the strategies we can employ to help us solve these problems. We brainstormed what a personal problem is before getting into groups of 3 (Our MAG formations – one child from 5A, 5M and 5G!) and role played a scenario showing the problem and solution.
The children worked very well in establishing what steps to take and developing the realisation that they can reach out to different people to support them.


Today the grade 5 students learnt a new math game called ROWCO!
This is a great game you can play at home with your child as all it involves is a deck of cards and some strategic thinking! We encourage you to discuss the thought processes that go through your mind as you make your move!
We then went on to continue our awesome learning with division – make sure you ask your child to show you some examples from their books!

Camp Day 3!

Our students enjoyed a scrumptious pancake brekkie this morning – Camp leader Patto made it even more special getting the children who wanted seconds to try and catch their pancake! We then packed up our belongings, cleaned our cabins then headed to the beach one last time for a fun game of ‘fox holes’ – make sure you ask your child how this is played!

What a fantastic 3 day camp full of adventures, exciting challenges, new friendships and great effort by our grade 5 students!

To our students – Your teachers are so proud of you and all that you have achieved and we are looking forward to sharing many stories about this time!
To the parents – You have many happy and tired children coming home and we hope that you have a lovely long weekend relaxing and hearing about this time!


Camp Day 2: Night beach walk, talent show and disco!

What a fabulous last night of our camp! The weather was perfect for a night beach walk where we had the most amazing view of the stars. Rosie did a great job of hosting our grade 5 talent show with many brave performers getting up to entertain their peers! After watching our talented students we had a disco before lights out – some serious dance moves were seen!
Looking forward to an enjoyable last day of beach activities before our bus journey home!




A lovely first day of our Grade 5 Waratah Bay Camp!

As soon as we arrived we heard from our team leader Patto about the rules of the camp then excitedly unpacked our bags in our cabins, making sure we had set up our bunk beds up for the night!

With happy faces and smiles all round we then went straight into our activity groups where we got to challenge ourselves on the Giant swing, Aeroball, Initiative courses, Ropes courses and volleyball. It was fantastic to see the students collaborate, communicate and enjoy working together in a fun way in activities that they may have never experienced before!

We then had a beautiful and not too chilly evening spent around the campfire before we finished the day off with some entertaining Trivia!

Check out some awesome pictures of our time so far…