All the homework for this term will be posted on the homepage each Monday evening or Tuesday morning (due the following Monday): http://56bellps.global2.vic.edu.au/. Thanks! The 5/6 team

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    • Hi Ruby
      Apologies for not getting the homework up on the blog this week!
      Come and see me in class tomorrow and I’ll give you a copy.
      Thanks, Toby

  1. I don’t have the homework task for this week, is it somewhere on the blog? If so where? I can’t find it. If not, how can I get it?

  2. Hi – we can’t access the Biennale file (re costume) as link is password protected, nor can we see the homework from end of April 2015 (5/5G). As Max has been away ill for a few days we want to catch up re the costume, the homework and also re the maths incursion (we feel we may have accidentally overlooked that one and need to pay it). Max R and mum Karen

  3. Hi Max and Karen

    I’ve updated the Biennale costume files, so they should work now.

    Also, I’ve added a post about homework.

    The maths incursion is this week (it costs $7; if it’s unpaid Max can bring money/form to school tomorrow).

    Kind regards

  4. Thanks so much – money for this (and for fish) sent today, all details now to hand incl homework and biennale costume – appreciate the quick response. Karen (and Max)

  5. Could you please put up term threes matrix please? We where looking for it this weekend.

  6. Hi can you please put a copy of the history thinkers key on the blog please and this week’s maths teaser if there was one!

  7. Itana is told that she needs to print this week’s (week 6) homework off the blog.
    Where can we find it?

  8. Hi Anna
    This week’s maths homework has been posted to the blog (http://56bellps.global2.vic.edu.au/2018/03/05/maths-homework-for-week-6/). This does not need to be printed off; the problems can be solved in the students’ homework books.
    The remaining homework is the same each week and is detailed on the homework sheet that went home. A copy of this sheet can also be found in the link at the top of this page.
    Kind regards
    The 5/6 team

    • Hi Ellis, all the homework posts are on the homepage. There’s no maths homework this week, as we want you all to focus on packing and getting ready for camp. Cheers, Toby

  9. Can you delete all of the 2014 and so comments because it causes to much confusion and… It’s not 2014.

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