Grade 5/6 Homework Term 1 & 2 2017

In Grade 5/6 we are trying to foster study habits that will support students as they go into secondary school. Homework is one way in which students can build their personal organisational skills, time management skills and reinforce classroom learning. The expectation is that students spend about 20-30 minutes each day working on homework tasks. We recognise that students have a range of different activities and committments throughout the week and we advise that they develop a study plan to ensure they have time to complete the set homework tasks. An example has been provided in the following attachment:

Homework Term 1 & 2 2017

Throughout the week students are expected to complete the following:

Reading: Read every night. Read aloud for a few minutes to an adult or yourself to practise your fluency & accuracy.

Viewing, Writing, Speaking & Listening: Read an article from your local paper or watch the evening news – summarise the article. Remember that in a summary you only include the main ideas; who, what, when, where, why. This will be shared and discussed in class each week.


  • Complete the weekly brain Teaser (in the homework folders).
  • Practice times tables, automatic recall. Refer to tables attachment for strategies to learn each table. This is optional, but the expectation is that all students will know their times tables.
  • Tables tricks link
  • Times Table ideas


Select a different Thinkers Key relating to our Inquiry topic to complete each week or you may prefer to choose a key and complete a longer term project (you must still bring in evidence of your progress each week).

Unfinished Work

At times, it may be required for unfinished classroom work to be completed at home.

    • Hi Ruby
      Apologies for not getting the homework up on the blog this week!
      Come and see me in class tomorrow and I’ll give you a copy.
      Thanks, Toby

  1. I don’t have the homework task for this week, is it somewhere on the blog? If so where? I can’t find it. If not, how can I get it?

  2. Hi – we can’t access the Biennale file (re costume) as link is password protected, nor can we see the homework from end of April 2015 (5/5G). As Max has been away ill for a few days we want to catch up re the costume, the homework and also re the maths incursion (we feel we may have accidentally overlooked that one and need to pay it). Max R and mum Karen

  3. Hi Max and Karen

    I’ve updated the Biennale costume files, so they should work now.

    Also, I’ve added a post about homework.

    The maths incursion is this week (it costs $7; if it’s unpaid Max can bring money/form to school tomorrow).

    Kind regards

  4. Thanks so much – money for this (and for fish) sent today, all details now to hand incl homework and biennale costume – appreciate the quick response. Karen (and Max)

  5. Hi can you please put a copy of the history thinkers key on the blog please and this week’s maths teaser if there was one!

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