Over the past few weeks, our grade 5M and A students have been working on developing their own innovations in our economics unit. It has been incredible to see their creative minds bring these innovative products or services to life (on paper!). This morning we held our own version of ‘SHARK TANK’ where the students marketed their product to their peers and teachers, presenting the overall features and purposes of their product, the target market, approximate costings of materials and retail price. We then had a robust discussion on each students product, sharing our thoughts on whether we would invest or not and the reasons why. Check out some photos below!



Coburg High School Excursion

On Wednesday 5th December our grade 5 students attended a day out at Coburg High School!
We had a lovely walk along the Merri creek arriving at the school to experience lessons in the arts, sports and humanities. Our students proudly represented our school, showing great listening and collaboration skills, engaging themselves in all lessons.

On Friday we had a visit from our 2019 school captains to have a chat to our grade 5 students about their year of being leaders at Bell Primary.

Over the next week grade 5 students will have the opportunity to apply for grade 6 school and vice captains for 2020. They will apply by talking to their teacher next week and creating a speech and having it ready to present on Thursday 12th December sessions 1 & 2.

Please see the below guidelines and talk to your child about this opportunity and whether or not it is something that they might be interested in.

Kind regards,

Grade 5 Team

Bell Primary Grade 6 Leadership Process

• Students have the opportunity to apply for captainship at the end of term 4.
• The position is open to all grade 5 students. Current School Captains speak to grade 5s
about what is required from the roles.
• Students to prepare a speech including the school values and why they would make a good
school captain. Grade 5 classroom teachers to discuss process of speech with students to
help guide them in their writing.
• Grade 4 – 6 students will vote along with grade 4 – 6 teachers, specialist and
• The 2 boys and 2 girls with the most votes will be interviewed by David and Emma in week
11 to decide on boy and girl captains and vice.
• Successful applicants will be told who is the captain and vice and will be announced by
the current grade 6 school captains at our end of year assembly.

Instructions for voting:

• After the School Captain speeches, students will go back to their grade to vote.
• Students will be given a ballot paper that has all candidates on it.
• Students need to number the candidates in their order of preference.
• Ballot papers are to be handed back to the classroom teacher who will ensure they get to
the person responsible for tallying the votes.

Speech Guidelines
• Indicate why students should vote for you. Think of the Bell school values
• Speech length between 1 and 3 minutes.
• Include information about involvement in school activities, sporting events, highlights
involvement/commitment to the school/community.
• Indicate what you can offer the school community that is realistic. Outline the types of
activities you will participate in or initiate.
• Speech should be based on quality not showmanship.

Poetry Slam!

On this very hot Melbourne day our grade 5 students gathered together in the air conditioned 5M and 5A portable to partake in a Poetry Slam! 15 brave students read out their favourite poem they had created throughout the term. Some students didn’t even need their book to read theirs out loud! The students then voted – a big congratulations to all who took part!
The votes were:
Illium in third place, Leo in second place and Sylvia who came first!
A great way to celebrate the end of our poetry unit! Check out the photos below:

Inquiry showcase

A big well done to our grade 5 students for showcasing their inquiry documentaries responding to the over arching question,
‘How has Australia changed over the years?’

Thank you to those parents, carers, family members and friends who joined in on the celebration yesterday. It is always fantastic to see such a positive turn out at these events. If you are yet to see a documentary make sure you ask your child as they are saved to their drive.


On Tuesday 22nd October, 35 Year 5 students walked to The Aboriginal Advancement League in Thornbury with Brett, Miss Meredith, Natasha (our awesome year 5 placement teacher) along with our very helpful parents Katherine and Stefan (a BIG thank you for helping us!), to celebrate the NAIDOCS Schools Yarning Conference. This year’s theme is Voice. treaty. Truth.

This special day included a variety of activities and experiences for our students including hearing Aunty Joy read her book ‘Willam, a birrarung story’, sharing in a little long walk where the 16 participating schools walked proudly with their banners and flags, experiencing a workshop with Brothers in arms + a language workshop, hearing Nova Peris share her family story and ending the day with a smoking ceremony and reflection from the students.

Student recount of the day:

In the first part all fifteen schools gathered together, and we all sat together around the stage. The first event of the day was when aunty joy read a book to us called Willam (home), and it was about the Australian native things like animals and plants.
We also got told about aunty joys ancestors. At the end of the first part one of the presenters called Laura showed a short puppet show of Bugel and Wah.
After lunch, and our activities, we all gathered in a group to discuss what the long walk was.
We were greeted by Nova Peris a Australian olympian and a good friend of michael long. Then set off for a little long walk around the oval. Schools held up banners and posters, just like in the real long walk. After we had all done a lap of the oval, we then went up the hill to see a fire pit and uncle trevor. Uncle trevor talked to us about how we should respect our teachers and parents, because they give us a lot and we need to pay then back. Then all of the teachers walked up and put a gumleaf into the fire pit followed by a couple of students from each school. We all then walked inside to say things about our day and the experiences we had. Children talked about their group activities and their overall day. We were given some books and then said our goodbyes by singing a song that one of the schools had made in their activities. Overall the day was so much fun and all of the students enjoyed it very much so we would love to do it again. A special thanks again to our parent helpers Kat, Stef, student teacher Natasha and the organisers Miss M and Brett – Check out our photos below!!

By Laura and George
Thank you for reading!

Girls Soccer Day!

Today 22 grade 5 and 6 girls went to the Darebin International Sports Center for a hot, but enjoyable day of soccer! There were two Bell teams that each played 5 x 40 minute games against Fairfield, Northcote, Westgarth and Wales street. In total Bell scored 6 goals! We all had such a great experience and would be happy to do it again in the future. We would like to thank Miss M and Rebecca for organising it and supervising us. Check out our photos below! – Phoebe and Maia

Health and Human Development

On Tuesday afternoon Grade 5M and 5A got together to begin our health unit “The Ups and Downs of Growing Up”. We sat in a huge circle around the classroom and opened up the discussion by talking about respecting everyone’s ideas and creating a safe space to have meaningful discussions around puberty. We also shared a bit of a giggle, at moments throughout the lesson, discussing how we have changed already, and how we will change in the future.

Our main activity focused on discussing the changes that happen during puberty to physical male bodies and physical female bodies, as well as changes that will happen to both. Students around the circle got cards with various types of physical changes represented on them, and were invited to put these cards on a Venn diagram on the floor. We talked about different things we noticed about the diagram. Kids noticed that a lot of changes are common to both physical male bodies, as well as physical female bodies. We read out our responses and moved some into the correct space where necessary and talked about why the cards were moved.

In a reflective moment at the end of the session, students wrote down any ‘wonderings’ they have about puberty, and we will be using these questions to help us design the next lessons.

A Day At Sovereign Hill!

What an awesome day we had at Sunny Sovereign Hill!
From exploring the streets and stores to experiencing the game ‘Gold Fever’, watching gold be poured (SMELTING is MELTING – make sure you ask your child about that one!) and going down the Red Hill Mine our students had an adventurous day full of smiles, fun and learning!

A BIG thank you to our parent helpers Justin, Bec, Kirsten, Alice, Suzie and Andrea, for taking time out of their week to help make this day even better for our students. Having smaller group allowed us to walk around with more freedom of choice in what we did with our day, which the students loved!

check out some student reviews of the day + pictures below!

On the 11th of September all the year fives went on an excursion to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. We all split up into different groups with different teachers. We did lots of fun activities like went bowling which was really old fashioned, did some candle dipping which was quite fun and watched how they made the candles with wax, went into the dark Red hill mine which we saw cool things inside, went into the lollie shop which as we all know most people really enjoyed and bought heaps of delicious treats with their money, we even went gold panning and some people even found little bits and specks of gold which they kept safely in their bags packed away, and while all this was happening we even saw men riding horses and donkeys which some people went to pat. We saw all the different ways people slept and lived in their tents and also saw the gold pour which was really interesting and at the very end, we played a really fun game called ‘Gold fever’! – Phoebe

On Wednesday the 11th of September, the grade fives enjoyed a trip to Sovereign Hill. After an hour and a half bus ride, we arrived and had a sneaky trip to the lolly shop before going to the legendary gold pour. A humorous blacksmith who would have passed as a stand up comedian told us how gold was created, and the process it had to go through before it was turned into a 24 karat gold bar. Bullion gold, it was called. Which is as gold as gold can get, 99.99% gold. When he was telling us what smelting was, he made sure we never forgot it by saying “Schmelting is melting’ in a hilarious German accent. We had some free time to eat lunch and go gold panning before our next activity. Many students found little flakes of gold in their pans after learning how it was done. There were people dressed up in old fashioned clothes from the gold rush period (1851-1861) handing out top tips for the most gold. It was really hard work, and not as easy as some people make it out to be. We then played a game all together. Two bankers and two police officers were chosen, then everybody else was put into groups. There were the English family, a group of Americans, a group of Irish people, a crew of sailors who had jumped ship, and a group of Chinese people who could speak no English. Each group started off with a cup for collecting their ‘gold’ in (the gold was just metal balls), a wallet for the money they got, and a 4 neckerchiefs for each group member (each group had a different colour). Each group also started off with a certain amount of money, some people had more than others though. Nobody started off with a licence. And to be on the goldfield, you needed a licence. So you had to start off mining your gold without a licence and hope the coppers didn’t catch you, then sell your gold to the bankers, and get money in return, then you’d have to buy licences for everyone in your group from the police. It you were caught on the goldfield without a licence, you would get put in jail unless you could pay a fine. Your other group members would need to bail you out for a pound. But if you resisted arrest, it would be 2 pounds. It was really fun, the group at the end who had the most money won the game. The English family won eventually with 25 pounds, but the Irish were close behind with 21 and ten shillings. The game enhanced our learning about the gold rush a lot. We split up our groups again and had another short break before going down the Red Hill Mine! A few people were spooked in the darkness, but I thought it was really cool. We walked down a seemingly never ending staircase and listened to a voice telling us where to go, but also a story on the way. We also learnt about the ‘Welcome Nugget’. – Jo

Isaiah Firebrace Incursion!

Last Wednesday on the 21st August, our grade 5 students were treated to an inspiring incursion by Indigenous Australian singer, Isaiah Firebrace.

Isaiah won X-Factor in 2016 and represented Australia in Eurovision in 2017. The students enjoyed hearing Isaiah speak to them about the importance of following your dreams, being brave and never giving up. The students then did a fantastic performance while singing his latest song, ‘Spirit’ with Isaiah before getting the opportunity to ask him some questions!
Some of which included, ‘What AFL team do you go for?’, ‘What’s your favourite song you have written?’ ‘Did you always know you wanted to be a singer?’

The students have been welcome to sing the song, ‘Spirit’ on stage with Isaiah this Sunday at the Darebin council First Nations event.

To find out information on this event, please visit the Darebin Council website

Health and Human Development in Grade 5

Health and Human Development Curriculum

Continuing on from last year specifically trained teachers within Bell Primary School will be implementing a series of Health and Human Development lessons that focus on physical, social and emotional changes.

The content of the lessons is recommended by the Department of Education, and is focused on Respectful Relationships and Sexuality Education.

These specific lessons will support students to work towards achieving the required health standards of the new Victorian Curriculum. Other components of the curriculum will be covered during Physical Education lessons and within the students’ regular classes.

The lessons will deliver age-appropriate content using a fact-based approach. A variety of materials will be used to deliver the content in a sensitive manner, including:
•Audio and visual media

Bell Primary School respects your family’s role in teaching Health and Human Development Education and hope that these lessons support and facilitate further conversations.

Please check your child’s year level blog regularly for information as to what is covered in each session.

The students will be learning:
•Understanding and managing physical and emotional development, and puberty
•The human life cycle, reproduction and conception
•Understanding body safety
•Asking for help and seeking reliable information

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the relevant staff members below:

Prep – 2 contact: Gab Goss
3/4 contact: Sarah Fry
5/6 contact: Dimi Efthymiou
School Coordinator: Sarah Fry

The students will be learning:
•How their bodies are growing, learning and changing
•Identifying body parts
•Understanding body safety
•Asking for help when needed

The students will be learning:
•Personal identity and diversity in the community
•Identifying body parts
•Understanding body safety
•Asking for help when needed

The students will be learning:
•Identifying body parts and feelings
•Understanding body safety
•Asking for help when needed

The students will be learning:
•Identifying body parts and feelings, and feeling comfortable to ask questions
•Reproductive systems and their functions
•Understanding body safety

The students will be learning:
•Understanding physical development and puberty
•The human life cycle and conception
•Understanding body safety

You Can’t Take Me!!!

5A and 5M loved the drama activity named ‘You Can’t take Me’ this morning!

The students were grouped into 5 and then given a room. Each student then had to think of an item or object they would find in that room and role play why they should not be taken out of it!

They were so creative and fun with their ideas such as…

‘You can’t take me! I’m the floor because otherwise it’ll be so muddy ‘

‘You can’t take me! I’m a spoon and you would struggle to eat the most simplest food… like cereal, imagine that!

‘You can’t take me! I’m the monkey bars in the playground! Where would your younger siblings play and have fun at play time!?

‘You can’t take me! I’m the SPECIAL kitchen sink and if I’m gone not only can you do your dishes but YOU will destroy the space time continuum ripping apart the very fabric of the universe …!