Berry Street Educational Model

Over the past year the grade 5s have had a focus on well being, doing a number of things to help our students to be ready to learn. A whole school approach has also been taken throughout the year by using the Berry Street Educational Model, three main aspects have been used with morning circles, brain breaks and ready to learn scales. We have enjoyed helping our students be responsible for their own learning and have found especially brain breaks to be a great way for them to refocus.

Brain breaks: Short breaks given throughout the day to break up sessions and allow time to refocus.

Ready to Learn Scales: A scale that displays what it might feel like or look like when we are not ready to learn and a list of what we can do to refocus.

Morning circles: A positive way for students to start the day, giving them an opportunity to say good morning to each other and be involved in a handshake or hi five.

Sovereign Hill photos

Book Week with the Preps

Book Week with the Preps was lots of fun last week! We helped them read their favourite books and even made them bookmarks with their favourite book/ book characters on them! Grade 5s were great role models and made lots of new friends.


Athletics and angles

With a little help from our knowledge of angles, grade 5G improved our shot put distances. We tested various angles and found that an arm angle from 40-50 degrees was optimal for a good distance. After coaching each other about angle of release, most students improved their distance by up to 1m.