On Friday we had a visit from our 2019 school captains to have a chat to our grade 5 students about their year of being leaders at Bell Primary.

Over the next week grade 5 students will have the opportunity to apply for grade 6 school and vice captains for 2020. They will apply by talking to their teacher next week and creating a speech and having it ready to present on Thursday 12th December sessions 1 & 2.

Please see the below guidelines and talk to your child about this opportunity and whether or not it is something that they might be interested in.

Kind regards,

Grade 5 Team

Bell Primary Grade 6 Leadership Process

• Students have the opportunity to apply for captainship at the end of term 4.
• The position is open to all grade 5 students. Current School Captains speak to grade 5s
about what is required from the roles.
• Students to prepare a speech including the school values and why they would make a good
school captain. Grade 5 classroom teachers to discuss process of speech with students to
help guide them in their writing.
• Grade 4 – 6 students will vote along with grade 4 – 6 teachers, specialist and
• The 2 boys and 2 girls with the most votes will be interviewed by David and Emma in week
11 to decide on boy and girl captains and vice.
• Successful applicants will be told who is the captain and vice and will be announced by
the current grade 6 school captains at our end of year assembly.

Instructions for voting:

• After the School Captain speeches, students will go back to their grade to vote.
• Students will be given a ballot paper that has all candidates on it.
• Students need to number the candidates in their order of preference.
• Ballot papers are to be handed back to the classroom teacher who will ensure they get to
the person responsible for tallying the votes.

Speech Guidelines
• Indicate why students should vote for you. Think of the Bell school values
• Speech length between 1 and 3 minutes.
• Include information about involvement in school activities, sporting events, highlights
involvement/commitment to the school/community.
• Indicate what you can offer the school community that is realistic. Outline the types of
activities you will participate in or initiate.
• Speech should be based on quality not showmanship.

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