Health and Human Development

On Tuesday afternoon Grade 5M and 5A got together to begin our health unit “The Ups and Downs of Growing Up”. We sat in a huge circle around the classroom and opened up the discussion by talking about respecting everyone’s ideas and creating a safe space to have meaningful discussions around puberty. We also shared a bit of a giggle, at moments throughout the lesson, discussing how we have changed already, and how we will change in the future.

Our main activity focused on discussing the changes that happen during puberty to physical male bodies and physical female bodies, as well as changes that will happen to both. Students around the circle got cards with various types of physical changes represented on them, and were invited to put these cards on a Venn diagram on the floor. We talked about different things we noticed about the diagram. Kids noticed that a lot of changes are common to both physical male bodies, as well as physical female bodies. We read out our responses and moved some into the correct space where necessary and talked about why the cards were moved.

In a reflective moment at the end of the session, students wrote down any ‘wonderings’ they have about puberty, and we will be using these questions to help us design the next lessons.

5 thoughts on “Health and Human Development

  1. What a great way of learning. So much better that it’s not a mystery. Well done grade 5s!!

  2. The homework expectation of talking to your parents at home about the lessons, has been amazing with both my grade 3 and grade 5 children! 😉

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