Market place. More to come!

Our Marketplace today definitely was a HUGE SUCCESS!

From Dunk Tanks, to a BBQ, to pet rocks, what seemed like HUNDREDS of cupcakes and lollies as well as beauticians, arcades and gaming centres. Thank you to all parents for your support!

I’ll upload more images on Monday when our amazing photographers give me access to the files!



4 thoughts on “Market place. More to come!

  1. Poppy had so much fun buying lollies, getting tattooed, doing lucky dips, buying toys and raffle tickets. It was hard to get her to leave. It was a 2 hour school drop off. Such a great thing to do at the end of the year. So much fun for everyone!

  2. Yes, the kids seemed highly motivated and stimulated by the whole marketplace concept. I’m sorry (for myself) that I couldn’t get there…. what a great variety of items and experiential options.
    Thanks teachers.

  3. It was a fantastic enterprising and creative learning experience.. Thanks to all the teachers for organising such a fun activity

  4. Thank you teachers and students for giving me some currency. I loved the gingerbread biscuits, won a fabulous origami fox and had fun with the raffle. Such a great idea. I reckon they could sell to the whole school next time!

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