Year 6 Public Speaking Competition at Northcote HS


On Thursday the 18th of October, the two Bell Primary Grade 6 finalists, accompanied by eight of their peers, took part in a competition run by Martin Ramsey from Northcote High School.

The topic was ‘Hitting the Target.’ The students had to interpret what this meant to them by composing a speech and practise to ensure they met the criteria – body language, voice, content and language. Martin explained this thoroughly when he visited the students in September. The 5/6 team set the topic as a homework task and then we had our own public speaking competition whereby the two finalists were selected using the same criteria that would be used by the Northcote High judges. The finalists from each grade were also invited in recognition of their effort.

The students who attended were:

  • Izzy B
  • Thomas C
  • Tom H
  • Alice H
  • Yasmin
  • Zac
  • Ivy
  • Dulcie
  • Ella W

All the competitors were fantastic and our students were in exemplary company. Our two finalists did our school proud by speaking with passion and conviction. I was in awe of their confidence and ability. Their peers were there to cheer them on in addition to being a part of great experience. All ten students are to be congratulated for taking part. I believe they all hit the target.

– Ms Rosy

2 thoughts on “Year 6 Public Speaking Competition at Northcote HS

  1. Congratulations Thomas and Ivy! A fantastic opportunity to represent the school in the public speaking competition. Public speaking is such an important life skill to have……keep practising!

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