Homework Term 4, Week 3

Please find this week’s homework at the links below:

Dance homework week 3

Basketball Maths Homework Week 3

Zoo homework Week 3

Robotics homework: homework has been put on ‘google classroom’ class code 5pj3dus

Space Homework

Using your data from today’s lesson (Planet & Distance jumped on each planet)
Create a graph using your own data & your partners data (each should be displayed in a different colour)
Ensure that you label your axis, consider your distance intervals carefully and ensure they are evenly spread (what is your highest/lowest distance?), give your graph a title.
The current world record for standing long jump is held by Byron Jones, who recorded a jump of 3.73 m.
How does this differ from your jumping average?
On which planet would he be able to jump the furthest distance?
On which planet would he be able to jump the shortest distance?






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