Walk to School – JSC Report

J.S.C Report – Walk to School 2018

Working at Bell Primary has bought home the differences between inner and outer suburban primary schools. One difference I noticed was how many students walk, ride and scoot to school.   They have been encouraged to learn healthy habits that will continue in the years to come.

VicHealth runs the Walk to School initiative and the JSC members agreed it was a worthwhile activity to continue awareness of the social, emotional and physical benefits of walking to school. Therefore, Wednesday 31st October is the day selected to get as many students possible walking to school.

All the classes have received a Parent and Carer Fact sheet. It has some great information and the VicHealth website hosts competitions for your child to enter.

The JSC and I look forward to seeing many of the Bell students walking, riding or scooting on this date.

Thank you

Rose Pennini

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