Homework Term 4, Week 2

Please find homework tasks for this week below. It will be due Tuesday next week.

Robotics homework 

Space homework

Zoo homework

Dance homework

Basketball Homework

Part 1. As discussed in class you need to look at the data collected in last week’s survey which can be found at this link. Then you have to create at least three graphs/charts to show the responses to some of the questions. Choose from bar chart, line chart, pie chart, etc… You can use one or more types of charts. You may want to put the data in a table first, which will help you create the chart. You can use technology or create the charts by hand. If you have any questions, please post below or send me an email.

Part 2. Solve the following problem: If Steph Curry scored 19 points in a game and made 10 shots, what might be his ‘shot profile’ (i.e. how many fouls shots, two point shots and three point shots)? Can you find more than one option?

2 thoughts on “Homework Term 4, Week 2

  1. The space homework seems to be partially cut off and it is difficult to work out what you need to do. Is it possible to get it from somewhere else?

    • I have uploaded a PDF version of the homework as well, in case there was an issue viewing the word document. Students need to complete the number sequence, filling in the missing numbers. They also have to work out the rule for each number sequence.

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