Parent Health Panel

Paige’s Report

Today the 5/6 students at Bell got a very special Q&A with some select student’s parents. The parents were Kate Tania, Kristan, Caitlin, Louisa and Vanessa. These parents jobs are to do with health, the 5/6’s current inquiry topic. The 5/6s have to create a commercial with a positive health message, for example Paige, Lily, Delia, Nishi and Charlotte are doing an ad to try to prevent bullying.

Kristan, a former occupational therapist and psychotherapist, is now a family therapist. He helps children who are having difficult times at home and at school. He says that a majority of the kids who walk in the door are bullied, but sometimes the best kids to help are those who are bullies. Every kid he sees plays Fortnight as well. He says that Generation Z are the safest generation because they are on technology all the time, but it’s importance to balance out time spent on technology and to make face-to-face connections with other people.

We also saw Tania, an occupational therapist in mental health, who works in prisons. Some of her quotes included:

If you do a bad thing, you are not a bad person.


Change is always possible.

Tania chose her job because she was curious and wanted to work with people that not everyone wants to work with.

On that note, overall the 5/6s had a great time with lots of fun and learning.


Henry W’s Report

Today at Bell Primary we had six parents visit the Grade 5/6s to educate us about their jobs, which were all linked to health.

We had Vanessa who is a sex ed nurse and she explained the differences with Australia and other countries like Denmark. Her son, Tom, asked why she chose the job she chose. She replied with, ‘I chose this job when I had to take blood tests at an HIV clinic in London. I then decided this was an interesting area and decided to become a sexuality educator.’

We also had Caitlin come to explain about homelessness and how the Salvation Army (which she has been working for for 22 years in different areas) helps people who are homeless. She has also explained the way they classify homelessness, including: if you don’t have anywhere to stay, if you were in a busy house with too many people or if you had an unstable/unsafe home.

Overall it was very enjoyable with a total of six parents volunteering. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered.


  1. Thank you Henry and Paige for great reports. And a big thanks to parents who gave their time to come and speak with the grade 5/6’s

  2. Thanks Henry and Paige. Great to hear what you took away from the day. As one of the panel members, I found it a really stimulating and thought-provoking discussion. Thanks to the teachers who really welcomed us. Thanks to the students who listened beautifully and asked some really good questions. And thanks to the other parents for inspiring us all. It was one of the highlights of my year.

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