Homework – Term 3, Week 9 (updated with Public Speaking rubric)

Maths Homework

Please see the link below for this week’s maths homework, inspired by some of the wonderful cooking the 5/6 students have been doing at home. It is due next Monday 17th September.

Maths Homework, Term 3 Week 9

Literacy Homework

For their literacy homework this week, the 5/6 students are required to write a speech on the topic ‘Hitting the Bullseye’, as this is the topic for this year’s Northcote High School Public Speaking Competition.

On Thursday this week a staff member from Northcote HS came to speak to the students about the competition and provide them with more details about the topic. The students have until next Wednesday 19th September to write a speech (maximum of 3 minutes).

Those who would like to share their speeches, will be given a chance to do so in class on Wednesday, with two students chosen to represent each class in a ‘final round’ on Thursday.

Two students from this group will be chosen to represent Bell Primary at the public speaking competition next term.

An assessment rubric for the speech has been provided by Northcote HS and can be downloaded here: Northcote High Public Speaking Rubric.

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