Multicultural Week 18th – 23rd March

Dear families,

This week (March 18-23) is Multicultural Week. At Bell we are celebrating in three ways:

1) Multicultural Resources

Teachers will be incorporating a range of modern multicultural resources into their programs to promote discussion and reflection.

2) Family Tree Show and Share

During the week we will work on creating a family tree in class. We will then encourage students to take this home and complete it with their families. It would be wonderful if you could discuss this task with your children including your family’s cultural roots.

3) Live Skype Session in Year 5/6

On Thursday 22nd March, a group of Bell Primary Year 5/6 students will Skype with a group of Meadows Primary Year 5/6 students. The aim of this live session is for both groups of students to share their experiences and hopefully reflect and celebrate both similarities and differences between children all around Melbourne.

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