Grade 56 Maths Homework for week 8

Week 8

56 Homework Maths Practice

Your thinking is important so please make sure you explain your strategy clearly.

Try to solve as many problems as you can and remember that you can ask your teacher if you are not clear about any of the problems.  It is also important that your working out is easy to follow and read.

Thank You.


Question 1.

A crowd of five thousand and seventy people were at a football match.

Before the end of the match, 1908 people went home.  How many people stayed until the end?

Question 2

The underlined number in 643.192 is worth __________________ ?

Question 3

Which of these numbers is worth the least in value?

0.24                        2.04                        2                              0.4

Question 4

How many months are there in three and a half years?


Question 5

What is the smallest odd number between 100 and 1000 that can be made using some of the digits 7, 5, 3, 2 and 0?



  1. A cake shop makes about 80 cents profit on each small cake and about $4.15 on each big cake. The shop sells 47 big cakes and 204 small cakes. What is the best estimate of how much profit the shop makes?  How did you work out your estimate?  Explain your chosen strategy.

2. Sarah wants to find the factors of 360. How can she do this?


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