Maths Homework Week 7

Activity 1

You have a set of the digits from 09.

0 - 9

Can you arrange these digits in the five boxes below to make two-digit numbers as close to the targets as possible? You may use each digit once only.

remember a multiple is a number you can divide by 5 e.g. 10,25


Place the numbers 1 to 6 in the circles so that each number is the difference between the two numbers just below it. use each number once only.

6 circles

Example:   52=3


Here are the top ten nations in the table of medal winners for the 2012 Olympic Games:

Position Flag Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 United States 46 29 29 104
2 China 38 27 23 88
3 Great Britian 29 17 19 65
4 Russian Fed. 24 26 32 85
5 South Korea 13 8 7 28
6 Germany 11 19 14 44
7 France 11 11 12 34
8 Italy 8 9 11 28
9 Hungary 8 4 5 17
10 Australia 7 16 12 35


How does this data compare with the 2016 olympics and 2018 winter olympics?

How do you think the positions have been decided?

Could the results be presented differently to give another nation the top place?

How would this affect other results in the table?



Gabriel wrote the numbers 1-9 in a 3×3 grid.
He then multiplied together all the numbers in each row and wrote the resulting product next to that row.
He also multiplied the numbers in each column together, and wrote the product under that column.
He then rubbed out the numbers 1-9.

Can you work out where Gabriel placed the numbers 1-9?
Did you have more information than you needed?

Can you fill one of  these grids? One of them has more than one solution:



  1. Hi all, thanks for the feedback about the homework. Keep your feedback coming in class and we will continue to adapt the homework so it can be easily understood. Don’t forget you can come and ask one of your classroom teachers (8.50am – 9am is a good time) if you’re having particular trouble with an activity. Also, there is no expectation that the extension tasks need to be done – only if you are keen for an extra challenge (as sometimes these are quite hard).
    Thanks – Your 5/6 teachers

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