Students are required to have a go at the first two maths problems.

It is important they clearly show their mathematical thinking, as this is a focus in our maths sessions at the moment.

For those who would like an extra challenge, they should also have a go at the extension activities.

Activity 1. Find the greatest common factor of 24, 40 and 60.

Activity 2. 2,700 people visit a cinema in one day. About one third of the visitors are children, the rest are adults. Ticket prices are: Adults: $9.80 and Children: $5.40
Use rounding to estimate how much money the cinema took on that day.

Extension questions: 

Extension 1. What is my number?
The number has four digits
The number is less than 20
The only even digit is in the hundredths place
The tenths digit is two more than the ones digit
The tens digit is a quarter of the hundredths digit
The tenths digit is nine times the tens digit

Extension 2. A machine fills 150 bottles of water every 8 minutes. How many minutes does it take this machine to fill 675 bottles?
How many minutes will it take to fill 14,750 bottles?

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