Debating Tryouts Week 8

Today a number of 5/6 students expressed an interest in trying out for the school debating team. Tryouts will be in week 8 (Monday 19th March). Students have been allocated a topic and need to prepare a 2-3 minute speech. If they have any questions they can come and speak to Toby.

Debating Tryouts: Topics

That musical instruments should be compulsory at school.

Yasmin, Dulcie, Izzy M, Izzy B

That musical instruments should not be compulsory at school.

Winnie, Bili, Zac

That children aged 10 and over should be able to vote.

Lucas, Paige, Charlotte

That children aged 10 and over should not be able to vote.

Sunday, Verity, Alice

That school uniforms should be banned.

Lulu, Josh

That school uniforms should not be banned.

Lily, Tom G

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