Tall Man Maths

As a maths investigations students read the book  the  Tall Man and the 12 babies. 

They completed some tasks around the book in mixed groups. Students uses different techniques to work out their answers with a focus on showing their thinking. Students used different coloured markers so they could track how much input various group members had.

You can see their various thinking strategies in the images below.

Some students then explained how they solved the problems to the rest of the class.

LI: I can work collaboratively on a maths investigation, clearly showing my thinking.

Problem 1:
The Tall Man has 12 hungry babies to feed – and he goes through a lot of
mashed banana! If he feeds the babies three serves of banana a day, how
many serves does he feed them each week? Draw a picture if it helps to
solve the problem.

Problem 2:
The babies only have little stomachs after all. Even though they eat three
times a day, they only eat a quarter of a banana each time. If the tall man
goes shopping once a fortnight, how many bananas does he need to buy?

Problem 3:
His local green grocer charges $2.99 per kilo for bananas. On average,
there are 6 bananas to kilogram.

He bills the tall man every two weeks, how much does he pay?

What is his annual grocery bill to feed the 12 babies?

Problem 4:
The green grocer over the road is offering a deal on bananas. They are
charging $25 for 10 kilograms of bananas.

How much money would the tall man save, over a year, on this deal?





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