Maths Homework for Week 5

Students are required to have a go at the first two maths problems. It is important they clearly show their mathematical thinking, as this is a focus in our maths sessions at the moment.

For those who would like an extra challenge, they should also have a go at the extension activities.

Activity 1:

A pencil and eraser cost 90 cents. If the pencil costs twice as much as the eraser, how much do each of them cost?

Activity 2:

Find three consecutive numbers that add up to 66.

Extension 1:

Ms Rosie jogs five blocks on the first day of training. Each day she increases her distance by another three blocks. On the last day she jogs 35 blocks. For how many days did she jog?

Extension 2:

The same number of seats has been placed in each row at the theatre. Dimi’s chair is in the third row from the front and the eighteenth row from the back. Ms Meredith’s seat has eight chairs to the left of it and eleven chairs to the right. How many chairs are there in the theatre?

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  1. We had trouble visualising this. I finally hit on providing a 90cm piece of string and asking for it to be cut in 2 pieces, 1 twice the length of the other. Hope this might help some others.

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