1. Dear Toby/Teachers,

    Could you clarify if the Social Justice Conference involves participation of all Grade 5/6 students? What does the conference involve?

    Also, could you please inform parents when debating try outs will occur? It would be good to encourage our children to participate.


    1. Hi Swee

      The Social Justice Conference – or ‘Kids’ View Conference’ – is run by the Bahay Tuluyan organisation and is a great opportunity for the students to explore what life is like for people in the developing world through a range of interactive activities. If you want to find out more about the conference, check out this link: http://bahaytuluyan.org/au/kidsview/social-justice-conferences/. Our students who participated in previous years really enjoyed it and got a lot out of the experience.

      I am yet to confirm the dates for debating tryouts, but I am hoping to give the students a couple of weeks notice, so they have an opportunity to prepare if they would like to try out for the team. I’ll post on the blog when I’ve announced the dates.

      Kind regards

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