Here are some things to remember for the event happening tomorrow!!
       The Outdoor Concert will be held on the South Oval Astro Turf on Friday 15th of December, between 5:00 and 8:00pm, weather permitting.
       Parents and Guardians must bring their children to the event at 5.00, wearing any costumes or props specified by classroom teacher, and supervise their children throughout the event.
       Bring your own picnic dinner and blanket to sit on. If family members require the use of a portable chair, please set them up toward the edges of the audience to ensure everyone can see.
       Coffee Cart and Ice Cream Truck will be serving from the Shelter Shed! Please consume in the designated area to avoid hot spills!
       This is an alcohol free event.
Below is an approximate running sheet for the night. Students will be called up a few songs before their performance time to meet in the area outside the 5/6M classroom so they can prepare.
All Preps must meet at the butterfly garden
Singing Grade 3s meet in 56M
Grade 2A/G meet under the shelter outside 56M
Welcome announcement from School Captains
(Students will be called to meeting point,  under shelter outside 56M, during each interval)
All Preps – Under the Sea
Singing Grade 3s – Break my stride
Grade 2A/G – Eye of the tiger
Grade 1C/1G – We built this city
Grade 4G – Karma chameleon
Grade  2Z/2T – Thriller
Grade 1D/1T meet in the butterfly garden
Grade 5s meet inside 56M
4W meet under shelter outside 56M
Grade 1D/ 1T – You make my dreams come true
Grade 4W – YMCA
Dancing Grade 3 – Beat It
Grade 4M – Final countdown
All Grade 6s – Footloose
Announce winners / goodbyes
Hell’s Bells
Approximate Finish Time
Information for Students attending OSHClub
   If you plan to book your child into OSHClub on Friday 15th Dec, they will be escorted by Bell Primary Staff and OSHClub Leader to a meeting point at the South Oval sandpit at 4.50.
   At their class’ designated meeting time, OSHClub students will be escorted to the 5/6M classroom, and supervised by their classroom teacher for the duration of their performance.
   They must then return to the OSHClub Meeting point at the sandpit until they are picked up by parents.
   PLEASE speak to a staff member when picking up your child from the South Oval sandpit so they can be signed off the roll.
In the case of wet weather cancellation, watch for an email from your classroom teacher about a time in week 11 when students will be able to share their performance with parents.
THANKYOU to families who have already paid the $10 charge to ensure we can hire the stage and sound equipment. Please make the $10 cash payment to your classroom teacher (or front office) if you have not already done so.

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