This year we had a HUGE number of grade 5 and 6 students enter the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition. I am pleased to announce that two of our students received special BRONZE awards for their efforts.  To find out more about the competition click here:

Sophia’s entry was based on the topic “A Toolbox for Peace” and can be seen in the images.

Imogen’s entry was based on the topic “My Peaceful Place” and can be read below:

My peaceful place

By Imogen K Murnane

Peace is calming and relaxing. It is not a place for you to go sit or lie down unless you can only access that feeling when you are there. But there must be more that one place for you to feel peaceful. The world is a peaceful place for people like me and you to calm down from the busy galaxy you stressed about things in.   

My peaceful place is somewhere I have no expectation to do or be someone. My peaceful place is filled with people I love and look up to. I can do what I like without fearing anybody else. Most of the time my definition of peace is love. I find peace from the little things I get everyday such as a hug or the pen that you borrowed. Peace surrounds me everyday.

The Journey to my peaceful place is no trip in the back seat of the car. It can be as easy as a bike ride home or as challenging as a marathon over a mountain. Depending on my mood I find it either easy or difficult to find peace. Google maps won’t show me the way so I’ve got to read the signs on the edge of the road and make my own way there. Becoming peaceful is a different adventure each time as the never ending road to becoming peaceful swerves around everybody else’s peaceful place.

Everyday I feel a different type of peace sometimes I am making or listening to music, Dancing, Jumping or Writing. As the seasons change my ways to feel peaceful alter as well. In the Summer I feel peaceful while floating on the surface of a cool pool licking an ice cream, watching the orange leaves float of the dying trees in Autumn, seeing the whirling winter wind knocking down trees and old toys left outside as well as anything else in front of it and laying down in the backyard staring at the blooming plum tree in spring. Not only do I feel different types of peace at different times of the year but also in the day. Early in the mornings when I hear the birds chirp I am peaceful, at midday as the sun gleams onto the oval making the grass look bright green and in the evening I watch the sun go down from the dining room window I feel peaceful.

For anyone who can not find their own peaceful place no matter how many roads they look down stop and think to yourself, I can’t become peaceful or I won’t let myself become peaceful. Having the right mindset is important when you’re on the road to peace.

I am grateful for peace and everything else that comes with it. I know that others can not find peace no matter where they go, what people they are with or the things they do they are just not peaceful. I am glad that I can be peaceful without even thinking about it.

Everyone’s peaceful place is different and the definition of peace varies. A peaceful place is  something you can only imagine, it is only is my head yet it is so real. Peace is beautiful without any looks and comfortable without anything there. It sounds soothing while you can’t hear anything. This is my peaceful place, a place I am unstoppable. The only thing left for me to feel absolutely peaceful is to share my peace with others without.


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