Choose Your Own Adventure

Recently students across 5/6 have been writing their own Choose Your Own Adventure stories using the software Inklewriter.

The students have really enjoyed the chance to write narratives with several story arcs and endings (although, be warned, it often doesn’t end well for the reader!). Many have worked with partners to produce exciting, unexpected and sometimes gruesome adventure stories – and this website provides an excellent tool for students to share multiple ideas in one narrative.

Here are some example stories below. Let us know if you’re having trouble with these links at all. Happy reading!

Lydia & Eve The Great Escape
Maggie & Immie The Long Walk Down The Road
Josh and Caspian BIT
Ben and Evan The Haunted Mouse
Max and Tom Three worlds
Elizabeth & Tahlia The Martians
Sunday The long drive
Ella & Nishi The Attack of the Smiley Faces
Remy & Izzy
EJ The Island
Xavier & Vas You do good thing



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