Regional Debating Competition

Today nine young debaters headed off to St. Raphael’s Primary in Preston to represent Bell at the regional debating competition. We had a fantastic day – and the students did our school proud – competing in six close fought debates and winning two, including receiving a number of best speaker awards. The Bell students conducted themselves with a maturity, confidence and intellectual enthusiasm that was very impressive. The students also learnt a lot during the day, benefiting from the detailed feedback from Debater’s Association of Victoria adjudicators.

The highlights included the intense, focused team effort to prepare for our first-ever secret topic debate (‘That Celebrities have Too Much Influence Over Children’) as well as the scene of six Bell students all eagerly practicing their first debate aloud and in unison, which felt a bit like a scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest!

Thanks to the parents and grandparents who could make it along today to support the kids.


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