Science in 5/6L – Chemistry – By Lily and Sam

On the 4/8/17 the 5/6s in Lisa’s class did an experiment on bubble mixture, learning about how the variable could change your results in an experiment. They used detergent and water for the first experiment then they used detergent, glucose syrup and water. It was a messy but fun experience making homemade bubble mixture. The experiment was broken up into two parts where we tested the detergent and water and then of course the sticky glucose syrup and detergent and water. At the end the glucose worked the best because the glucose helped make the bubble less likely to pop and easier to make them.

On Friday, the 5/6s were at it again learning and experimenting with variables.

They did an experiment on balloons where they weighed balloons when they were deflated and inflated to try and figure out if balloons weighed more when they were inflated and the other experiment was about measuring the volume of air in a classroom. The results stated that all people got 0g with no air and 2g with air. Next we decided to try and figure out how much the air in the classroom weighs and we figured out 268.8kg. That is the same weight as an African lion!

By Lily and Sam 5/6L

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