Is our brain more active after exercise?

Over the last couple of weeks in 5/6O we have been learning about writing scientific reports. We began by discussing the image above and developed the scientific question: Is our brain more active after exercise?

Each student developed their own hypothesis and we then worked together to determine an experimental design that would allow us to test the hypothesis.

The method we developed involved splitting the students into two groups. The first group would read for five minutes and the second group would run for five minutes, and all students would then undertake a short mental maths test. The following day we switched the groups and – with our best efforts to keep all other variables the same (a ‘fair test’) – conducted the experiment again.

We collated our results, although unfortunately the outcome was inconclusive…. However, students have been considering how we could make changes to the experimental design to give us a clearer result.

Thanks to Lydia and Imogen for sharing some of their scientific work.

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