Debating in 5/6

As part of our literacy work over the last week, the 5/6s have been involved in writing debate speeches; this is connected to the persuasive writing we’ve been doing in class.

Students learnt about the formal structure of a debate (e.g. the affirmative and negative teams, what rebuttals are, how to ‘define’ a topic) and the roles of the different speakers. They then worked within small teams to brainstorm arguments on their topic, research evidence and then write their speeches.

Over the last couple of days the students put their preparation into practice… debating one another and showing off their excellent public speaking skills! They passionately argued their viewpoints on a number of topics, including: ‘Learning musical instruments should be compulsory’, ‘Graffiti is art’ and ‘All desks should have a computer’ and ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’.

For those students who are interested in using what they’ve learnt to tryout for the debating team, they will be given a chance to prepare a speech and try-out over the next couple of weeks…



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