The Paper Problem

Today’s reading session in 5/6O began with a challenge…Despite several attempts – and some creative attempts to get around the problem (well done Josh who cut the paper in half and could fold the halves five times each!) – the students worked out seven folds in half was the physical maximum for an A4 piece of paper.

We then read a couple of articles exploring the problem in more detail and discovered some pretty amazing facts. This included the story of Britney Gallivan, a high school student who used a 1.2km long piece of paper in order to fold it a record 12 times! Here are some of our discoveries:

A piece of paper folded 103 times would be as thick as the universe! – Tom M

It is impossible to fold a piece of paper any size more than 10 times… except a 1.2km roll of toilet paper – Xavier

If you fold a piece of paper in half 50 times, it would be 100 million kilometres thick – Sunday

How many times would you have to fold a piece of paper to reach the sun? – Nick (We discovered later it was 51 folds)

Who would spend $85 on toilet paper? NOT ME!!!! – Caspian

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