5/6 Assembly

Today the 5/6s got together for a year level assembly.

This was a chance for us to revisit the ‘attributes of a great 5/6 student’ (humour, fun, leadership, creativity and effort) and have a chat about how things are going in the yard. Ms Meredith and Toby showed off their acting skills with a short role play about how sometimes we can accidentally upset others. We explored the importance of being considerate of others’ feelings as well as reacting in an appropriate manner and not seeking ‘payback’.

There was also a chance to showcase some of the work that has been done in the 5/6 classes. During our whole-class reading sessions, the 5/6s have been studying ‘The Bad Guys: Episode 1’, by Aaron Blabey. We have explored the specific style of writing used by Blabey and how it is similar to that of a television episode or film. One activity some classes have completed is making short films introducing the main characters of the book (inspired by the opening chapters). It’s great to see how many of the students are drawing on film-making skills developed during BIFF last year. Here are a few of the films that were shared:



  1. What a fabulous blog! I just watched the movies – which took a long time to download btw – and they were great fun to watch. Good work 5/6!

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