Darebin Film Project

Throughout March, twenty students across 5/6 were fortunate enough to participate in the Darebin Film Project.

This film course consisted of four workshops run by professional film maker Emma Roberts, taking students through the different phases of film production: from idea development and script writing through to shooting and post-production.

The students threw themselves into the project, working collaboratively and showing wonderful creativity. They worked tirelessly during lunch times and any spare moments they had – re-shooting scenes, composing soundtracks or putting the finishing touches on their final edit – in order to the meet the end of term deadline.

Then, at the end of term one, each of the five production companies premiered their film to all 5/6 students. It is anticipated that all five films will also be shown at the upcoming Darebin Film Festival (details will be provided to participating students when they are available).

Watch the films at the links below the photo gallery… enjoy!

STUDENT VS SCHOOL by Stag Productions

Starring BBQ grills. A guide of how to survive school with minimal boredom. It seems that everyone from the teachers to the preps are after him. Will he survive? Find out in the new film Student vs School!

Click here to watch STUDENT VS SCHOOL

GANG UP by Yo Yo Productions

In this action adventure seven people are being chased, but of course there has to be a winner… Follow the excitement through the eyes of each student and discover the real way to play gang up.

Click here to watch GANG UP

FIVE DAYS AT SCHOOL by Sunshine Productions

Five Days of School is a wacky comedy about four girls and their view of how school should be. Every day is a different silly day from one of the four girls’ views.

Click here to watch FIVE DAYS AT SCHOOL

EXTRA TOM RESTRIAL by Black Cat Productions

In a normal school… something is coming… Four completely different girls didn’t know what was ahead of them. Is there something unusual with their sports teacher?  Follow the journey of Pippi Brazil, Taralah McCulley, Ingrid Lake and Hannah Smith on their quest to find out the truth behind their sports teacher Tom (Tom Witherden).

 All videos were found by a crack team of sports professionals and are completely real, nutty and EXTRA TOMRESTRIAL.  

Click here to watch EXTRA TOM RESTRIAL

TWINS AND FRIENDS by Donkey Direction Studios

The twins started off as enemies until their friends had a plan to bring them together. Friends, Lily and Charlie, couldn’t stop hating the feud. Then suddenly, BING. The friends had an idea. And it might just work.

Click here to watch TWINS AND FRIENDS

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