As part of their ICT time this week, students from 5/6L explored a unique musical composition site: Seaquence.

According to the makers, the site is: An experiment in musical composition. Adopting a biological metaphor, Seaquence allows you to create and combine musical lifeforms into dynamic compositions. 

Students choose and mix various ‘lifeforms’ which take the form of sequencer patterns, with their audio waveform, octave, scale, melody, envelope, and volume controlled and changed by the maker.

The lifeforms then move about in their ‘environment’, with the listener able to explore various parts, and the music changing as you encounter different creatures.

Click on the links to see what some of them managed to produce!






2 thoughts on “Seaquence

  1. Wow. I really dig these. How random is it? How much control does the composer have? I really like the idea and metaphor of music being formed from a living thing. The sequenced sounds give the music an electro asian feel.

  2. From the limited play around I’ve had, the way the ‘creatures’ swim around is random – but when you view a composition can move them around by dragging them, combining the different sounds and tempos that you create.

    I like that the ‘creator’ and ‘viewer’ can both have an affect on the sounds they hear and how they are combined.

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