This week in 5/6, students continued to work on some of their Soundation projects as introduced by our amazing music teacher Andrew earlier in the year.

Some of the compositions the students managed to put together in a short time are sensational – have a listen and find out for yourself!

Tjala (5/6L)

Kaz & Lachie (5/6L)

Henry (5/6L)

Alex (5/6L)

Yvonne & Greta (5/6L)

Max (5/6L)

Jack (5/6L)



  1. Yvonne, your’s and Greta’s is in there!

    And Nina and Ella, I haven’t been sent any compositions from your class – am more than happy to put them in the post if you send me the ‘.wav’ file from Soundation though! 🙂

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