Sustainability Presentations

This week sees the culmination of a Term’s worth of work related to sustainability with students presenting their solutions on how to best set up society on a new planet.

Solar panels & wind turbines
Learning about GeoThermal power










Following a number of exploration and investigation lessons in class looking at issues such as alternative transport, sustainable agriculture, water & waste management, the impact of urbanisation and wealth equity, students have had weekly session putting together their responses.

Sustainable agriculture presentation
New money laws to eliminate povert










Students and teachers have witnessed many creative responses to this task with models of farms, solar & electric cars, and wind turbines & solar panels constructed, and PowerPoints & Prezis utilised to share the students’ new-found knowledge.

The end result of many hours’ work
Just one of many detailed models

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  1. Wow! Looks like some amazing learning and creative thinking has gone into these projects. I really like the look of the two models. What do you all think about the fact that our new prime minister Tony Abbott has cut the ministry of climate change from the cabinet?

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