Sustainability Projects

Grade 5/6 projects are in full swing as we enter the latter part of Term 3, and classrooms are abuzz with creativity as students construct, create, and collaborate to design their ideal ‘sustainable’ society.

Construction underway
A ‘Prezi’ being put together










Utilising knowledge gained over the course of the term through various exploration sessions – with students exploring areas such as building design, renewable power sources, the impact of urbanisation, and the importance of the environmentally-friendly farming – they must now create a working society that allows for the needs of everyone, whilst still maintaining the environmental aspects of their planet.

Google Sketching
Students collaborating on a project task










Judging by the wide variety of solutions being put forward by the students, teachers are waiting in anticipation for the final presentations in just a couple of weeks.

Cutting and pasting
Putting together their plasticine garden

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